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A dashboard and map that combines data from multiple NHS providers and trusts across a large geographical area to display system pressures in real time.

Why SHREWD Vantage

SHREWD Vantage buys time, by allowing decision-makers to quickly view demand and resource levels, and take action to alleviate pressure across multiple sites. 

SHREWD Vantage works in combination with SHREWD Resilience to provide a simple, single view of pressure across a large geographical area. It covers data from multiple systems, trusts and providers via a real-time heat map. 

The heatmap functionality can be filtered to show specific key data sets from the SHREWD Resilience dashboard across a defined geographical area, such as: 

  • Bed Capacity
  • ED wait times
  • Ambulance handover delays
  • Community discharges
  • DTOCs

This supports decision-makers in identifying which resources can be shared and redistributed, and ensures greater visibility of pressure.

Key features

Compiles data from multiple sources, providers and trusts all in one place.

Identifies pressure immediately to compare support requirements and availability.

Trajectories are visible for all data sets to indicate the direction of travel.

Visibility can be filtered by specific criteria and data sets.

At-a-glance heatmap view within seconds and easily drill down for further detail.

Turn on the power of your data

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