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Transform the way you capture, view, analyse and forecast your organisation’s data.


Our bolt-ons allow for easy customisation of the way your organisation uses the SHREWD modules. Whether your team needs another dashboard, or you plan to project a live feed of your SHREWD dashboard onto a wall-mounted monitor, our bolt-ons allow your teams to get the most from the SHREWD portfolio. To find out more about our extensions, please get in touch.


We partner with our clients, listening to their problems and finding solutions to their requirements. Our team of data technicians and clinical specialists is on hand to support you through your journey with SHREWD. From set-up and onboarding to day-to-day usage and review, we’re here to help.


The SHREWD portfolio is built on the SHREWD Platform and offers a range of modules within its framework, each designed to solve a specific problem as well as supporting services.

Turn on the power of your data

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