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View real-time data across your whole health and social care system to locate pressure.

Why SHREWD Resilience

SHREWD Resilience enables the whole health and social care system within a defined area to access real-time data.

Resilience displays data in a way that is simple to understand and visually identifies areas of pressure quickly.

Resilience enables front line teams and operational leaders to see a real time view of the situation in around three seconds. Users can then ‘drill down’ into the precise reason for that pressure within a few clicks. This enables users to focus on where support is needed to improve flow.

Data is captured from ALL providers within the urgent and emergency care pathway, from all acute front line services, such as 111, 999 and A&E, throughout the hospital footprint, and all the way into community services and beyond to third sector support services. The data is then made accessible to all providers in the system via a web interface and smartphone app.

The in-built notification system can be configured by individual users to alert them as indicators change.

Key features

Works across smartphone or tablet.

Utilises real-time data from all providers.

Notifications alert individual users when pressure levels change, live.

Access a real time view in three seconds.

Drill down into the detail within a few clicks.

See early warning signs from around the whole system to proactively manage pressure.

Turn on the power of your data

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