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Confidently forecast acute pressure 7-14 days in advance and efficiently manage resources to meet the demand before it hits.

Why SHREWD Prediction

The newest SHREWD module, Prediction enables systems to access real-time data in a way that is simple to understand and visually identifies areas of pressure quickly by forecasting flow hour by hour, 7-14 days in advance.

After 5 years in research and development , Transforming Systems has, in partnership with the University of Greenwich, developed a predictor tool, which accurately predicts time-series data feeds up to 14 days in advance.

The standard approach within the NHS is to use a variant of 6-week rolling average/median, which is a good methodology for following normal behaviour, but will not identify sudden peaks and troughs in demand. It is these peaks and troughs where the problems occur when managing resources and demand.  Having recently won an excellence award with the UK Government Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Prediction will enable whole health economies to accurately forecast pressure to help teams better plan capacity and resources with confidence.

This will reduce delays, improve efficiencies and patient flow by allowing teams to be better prepared for what’s coming their way and mitigate risk.

Key features

Works across smartphone or tablet.

Notifications alert individual users.

Forecasts can be automatically sent to relevant personnel.

Utilises real-time data from all providers.

Displays data hour by hour to help teams plan resources.

Turn on the power of your data

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