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Harness your whole system’s data with ease, with our SHREWD Platform tools and open APIs.

What is SHREWD Platform?

The base on which all SHREWD modules sit, making data aggregation seamless. A platform of data ingestion tools that collate and store data, ready for use by SHREWD modules or other systems via API.

How it works

SHREWD Platform provides the integration and data collection tools the SHREWD modules operate from. The tools aggregate data, storing it in our secure, UK-based data lake. This data is then accessed by the SHREWD modules or an API, to transform the data into meaningful information with targeted functions.

Data can be ingested by SHREWD Platform in almost any format, from analogue in spreadsheets, through to digital systems via APIs. The system’s open API can also allow third party connections to use the information held in the data-lake, if required. 

SHREWD Platform provides an operational data layer that is a single source of the truth in real time, allowing the SHREWD modules to provide intelligent insights, and managers and key decision-makers to take the right action at the right time.

Turn on the power of your data

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