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The SHREWD Elective module captures planned care demand and capacity across a locality, county or region.

Why SHREWD Elective

SHREWD Elective transforms live data from multiple systems and providers to provide a clear view of the pressure in planned care pathways. This overview allows users to focus on where support is required to improve patient waiting times. SHREWD Elective displays real-time data in a simple heatmap, making it easy to quickly identify areas of pressure and capacity available.

SHREWD Elective is a new module that focuses on planned care. Nationally, it has been recognised that safe and timely performance in planned care will be an increasing challenge year on year.

This is primarily a result of growing demand, an ageing population with more complex conditions; and more recently as a result of additional pressures caused by COVID-19.

Capacity is currently the most pressing issue, with no automated way of capturing available capacity data, in real-time, across the whole health system. 

SHREWD Elective provides front line teams and operational leaders a real time view of the planned care situation across multiple providers or services. Users can easily drill down to view precise causes of pressure, within a few clicks.

The dashboard compiles complex data, taking account of different local operating practices and data systems, producing a clear visual guide of pressure. SHREWD Elective highlights pressure in specialty pathways and opportunities for improvement to meet both short- and long-term demand.

Key features

Captures and compiles data from multiple formats, sources, and providers.

In-built notification system alerts users to live changes to prompt immediate action.

Pressure is displayed via a dashboard dial and a heatmap.

Filters allow users to view pressure based on key indicators or criteria.

Data is captured in real time and is available to view across mobile and tablet.

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