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The control tower view of your organisation. A single, central view of a whole health economy’s operational data and ability to add clinical workflow data, including pressure and resources.

Why SHREWD Command

Command enhances system-side operational visibility and management in real-time. It is the control tower view across an entire health economy, matching today’s delivery model.

SHREWD Command provides a central view of all operational and clinical data across whole health and social care systems. Quickly allowing decision-makers to view system-wide capacity and pressure, Command reveals a single, agreed version of the truth. This real-time data is presented in a quick and easy to understand view, allowing decision-makers to focus on resource allocation to improve patient safety and experience.

SHREWD Command takes complex data from multiple systems, transforming it into simple real-time visibility of patient flow and patient-level predictive analytics. This improved central visibility enables a new level of efficiency, leading to improved outcomes, productivity, waiting times, length-of-stay, cost, and both patient and staff satisfaction.

The platform also allows third party products to be added through our open API providing the combined operational and clinical dataflows.

SHREWD Command will link:

  • System-wide (community, acute, and social care) demand & capacity modelling
  • End-to-end patient journey management
  • Productivity modelling


SHREWD Command is underpinned by a co-developed training and development support programme which will enable all health and care staff to work more effectively to deliver a step change in the operational management of patient flow. SHREWD Command will become the day-to-day operational tool to manage and prioritise patients.

SHREWD Command enables the effective and efficient tracking of patients through each pathway and articulates system capacity and blockages, to help deliver the best patient care. 

Key features

Highlights system-wide capacity and pressure points.

Monitors patient flow and transfers of care, in the hospital and into the community.

End-to-end system-wide patient journey tracking.

System-wide escalation and reporting.

Predicting capacity and demand to inform decision-making.

Turn on the power of your data

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