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Create, manage and automate real-time escalation and response plans for the urgent and emergency care pathway.

Why SHREWD Action

SHREWD Action, in combination with SHREWD Resilience, is a cloud-based add-on module for the SHREWD  Platform. SHREWD Action allows you to easily create and manage real-time escalation and response plans for the urgent and emergency care  pathway, across  a whole health economy.  

The module  automates significant parts of the escalation process, sending alerts, notifications and  pre-agreed actions to key individuals  across and between organisations  in order to  enable them to act quickly.  

Actions are managed on user-friendly web or smartphone interfaces, and can be escalated if they become overdue, or as pressure increases. An action’s status is automatically updated, removing duplicated effort and increasing transparency. A full  digital  audit trail is captured to support continuous improvement  and ‘after action’ reporting.  

In common with the rest of the SHREWD modules, SHREWD Action  has been designed using visual management  principles, to give a live view of system pressure within  seconds. Further detail can be accessed within  a few  clicks.

Key features

Works across smartphone or tablet.

Utilises real-time data from all providers.

Live pressure triggers alerts to notify the right people at the right time.

Provides an audit trail to facilitate review of escalation and future plan.

Works in combination with SHREWD Resilience.

Alerts, notifications and pre-agreed actions are easy to automate.

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