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SHREWD: Powerful real-time visibility of whole system data.

  • Improve your operational performance.
  • Increase your organisation's efficiency.
  • Maximise your use of available resources.

SHREWD empowers health and social care systems to make the most of their data, allowing them to provide safer, more effective care, with improved patient flow and greater staff satisfaction.

What is SHREWD?

SHREWD is a product portfolio of real-time operational management tools, designed for all tiers of complexity that can span across the entirety of the NHS and wider system partners. 

The SHREWD platform and portfolio of modules, has the ability to take complex data from all system providers across health and social care, creating clear visibility of pressure and potential impact on demand and capacity. This whole system visibility enables teams to unite and take action, with an integrated, cross-system response, tackling and preventing pressure peaks. 

All SHREWD modules are user friendly, instantly providing top-level views, whilst also allowing users to drill down into detailed analysis within three clicks. SHREWD is a cloud based system that works across desktop and mobile with a dedicated app for Resilience and WaitLess. 

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Speeds up system response time.

Reduces pressure across the entire health system.

Enables actionable insights in real time.

Provides visibility of hidden data.

Enhances the transformation and improvement of services and patient pathways.

Promotes collaborative working between all parts of the wider system.

Customisable for every organisation

Our expert deployment and partnership teams will work closely with you to build a system to meet the specific needs of your organisation or working in unison with other providers across your geographical footprint.

Our team consists of specialists with senior NHS operational or clinical backgrounds, meaning we have the experience to understand your organisation’s complex needs.

Working together, we will tailor the SHREWD platform build and application to develop an innovative best practice solution to get the most out of your data.

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Turn on the power of your data

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