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On Thursday March 4th 2021, we hosted a live webinar with NHS Gloucestershire CCG and Cinapsis to discuss the landmark collaboration between ourselves and Cinapsis to deliver complete visibility of patient flow between primary and secondary care in Gloucestershire through .

Thanks to this new tech integration, our SHREWD Resilience data visualisation platform now features real-time updates from the Cinapsis SmartReferrals system. It provides Secondary Care teams and Commissioners with essential insights into the demand for specialist advice pathways coming from Primary Care. This live visibility enables clinicians to better streamline and coordinate patient flow in urgent and emergency care departments.

Our SHREWD Resilience module is already playing a pivotal role in reducing pressure on urgent and emergency services in Gloucestershire. The instant visibility of live data offers a strategic oversight that facilitates operational excellence and efficiency across the entire region, enabling a tactical response to whole system pressure.

Through the platform, SHREWD takes complex data from all system providers across health and social care in Gloucestershire and creates instant visibility of escalating pressure and potential impact on demand and capacity. This enables teams to unite and take action with an integrated, cross-system response, supporting mutual aid transfers, improved patient flow and safer, more effective care.

Users can then ‘drill down’ into the precise reasons driving that pressure within just a few clicks. Data is captured in real time and accessible to all providers in the system via a web interface and smartphone/ mobile application. The inbuilt notification system proactively alerts users to situational changes so that action can be taken quickly. This helps to avoid breaches of targets for performance measures and ultimately improves patient care, saves valuable time and maintains patient safety.

Cinapsis’s SmartReferrals solution is helping to cut patient waiting times, reduce pressure on services and improve communication between primary and secondary care. It works to facilitate instant, barrier-free communication and information transfer between healthcare professionals at all levels, and now acts as a crucial source of real-time service demand thanks to the SHREWD system integration.

The multi-functional clinical communication platform connects Primary care clinicians, paramedics and NHS 111 operators to Secondary Care specialists able to provide on-the-spot advice and guidance. This facilitates collaborative decision making and planning, ensuring that patients are always sent down the optimal pathway and that clinicians have control over their workflow.

By creating a live feed from the SmartReferrals portal, the SHREWD Resilience dial now provides an early indication of what demand is coming into the system from primary care, helping to improve patient flow and demand and capacity management. Users can quickly see when demand is starting to peak and potentially start to spill over into ED. It also give key decision makers the 'at-a-glance' view of whether the referral service is performing at acceptable levels and equip them with the knowledge needed to take action when necessary.

Holly Howell, Commissioning Manager for Urgent Care at Gloucestershire CCG, comments:
“Access to Cinapsis via SHREWD is a great development as it gives ‘real time’ information to the Integrated Care System in Gloucestershire; either identifying issues within referral services or reassuring the System that services are running smoothly. This will undoubtedly enhance the quality of service delivery and overall patient experience.”

Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, CEO and Founder of Cinapsis:
“Timely access to accurate, detailed data is essential for the smarter management of patient care. By integrating Cinapsis SmartReferrals with the SHREWD interface, the impact of our data insights will be dramatically scaled. Instead of being forced to tackle demand surges reactively, service providers can now make intelligent adaptations to maximise their capacity.

Lisa Riley, VP of Strategic Product and Partnership Development at Transforming Systems:
The Transforming Systems collaboration with Cinapsis is an important milestone for the Gloucestershire region in integrating their Primary and Secondary care services and utilising data to deliver exceptional patient care.”