Lisa Riley, shortlisted for Data and Technology in Nursing award

We are delighted to announce that Lisa Riley, our VP of Strategic Product & Partnership Development, has been shortlisted for a Nursing Times Award 2021, in the category of ‘Data and Technology in Nursing’.

Lisa, a nurse by profession, was nominated for her work with our SHREWD Platform, and in particular for the pivotal role she played in the development and deployment of both SHREWD COVID-19 and SHREWD Elective in response to the pandemic in 2020.

When the COVID pandemic first impacted the U.K., Lisa’s background in nursing and NHSE/I meant she understood very quickly what would be required by those managing the increasing challenges to services, and she played an instrumental role in the design and development of the both solutions at Kent and Medway ICS.


The main aim of the SHREWD COVID-19 initiative was to enable all providers within the health system to have access to live data of pressures pertaining to COVID-19. The unprecedented pressure on services meant that front line teams had no way to access accurate, whole system data in a way that was easy to understand and more importantly allow them to act on.

The tool, a first of its kind, took live data from all providers within the health system and displayed demand and capacity pressure in a simple to interpret, BRAG rated dial. The data sets included vital information to support the front line teams battling the pandemic including ED pressure, ICU capacity, ventilator bed availability, critical PPE stock levels, including stock orders placed, staffing levels, including Covid related absences, and both confirmed and suspected Covid cases across all care settings.

SHREWD COVID-19 Overview

The solution created a centralised view of all system pressures, enabling teams to unite with a cross system response, transferring resources, including critical PPE, ventilator beds and staff, as well as utilising all available capacity across the region. This helped to free up staff time to care for the increasing number of patients, both with and without Covid-19, as they no longer had to spend time chasing capacity information. It also helped to ensure that staff were kept safe through the utilisation of all PPE across the area. The solution equipped key personnel with the critical oversight and assurance required to manage pressure on services at a regional level.

“Being able to see, in real time, how many ventilator
beds are being used on each site and the levels of staff absence gives us an essential picture of the
pressures in different parts of our local system. It allows us to work with all our hospitals in a
coordinated way that helps both patients and hospital staff.”

Stuart Jeffrey, the Tactical Commander of the NHS Incident Control
Centre at Kent and Medway ICS commented

SHREWD Elective

Once pressure on urgent care services started to ease, Lisa was the driving force behind the development of our first planned care solution, SHREWD Elective, a tool to support the recovery of elective care services and manage the backlog caused by the pandemic.

SHREWD Elective Overview

Lisa’s passion and drive stems from her fundamental belief in putting the patient’s needs before all else. She sees herself lucky to be in a position where she can really make a difference through digital transformation, enabling staff on the ground to focus on the provision of safer more effective care for patients, and allowing digital technology to lessen the administrative burden. Her advice is always to understand the needs of the patients first and then the challenges faced by those trying to care for those patients, only then can you find the route to the best solution.

We are incredibly proud of the work of Lisa and our entire team over the past 18 months, and we are delighted to see Lisa recognised for her leadership through such a transformational period.

We wish Lisa the very best of luck in the next stage of the award process and look forward to the final announcement on 27th October.

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