Timely access to accurate, relevant data is essential for the smarter management of patient care. That’s why we’re delighted to be embarking on a partnership with clinical communications platform Cinapsis to support Primary and Secondary Care services in Gloucestershire. 

The Cinapsis SmartReferrals platform has been integrated with our SHREWD Resilience module - a cloud-based application that enables a locally-defined health and social care system to access real-time data. This information is presented in a visual ‘dial’ format, offering a strategic oversight that facilitates operational excellence and efficiency across an entire region. 

By integrating Cinapsis SmartReferrals with the SHREWD interface, the impact of the data insights will be dramatically scaled. It will provide Secondary Care teams and Commissioners with essential insights into the demand for specialist advice pathways coming from Primary Care and Paramedics, and enable clinicians to better streamline and coordinate patient flow in urgent and emergency care departments. Instead of being forced to tackle demand surges reactively, service providers can now make intelligent adaptations to maximise their capacity. 

Whole-System Dashboard now includes real-time Cinapsis data feeds

“Access to Cinapsis via SHREWD is a great development as it gives ‘real time’ information to the Integrated Care System in Gloucestershire; either identifying issues within services or reassuring the System that services are running smoothly. This will undoubtedly enhance the quality of service delivery and overall patient experience.”

Holly Howell, Commissioning Manager for Urgent Care at Gloucestershire CCG 

As NHS services in Gloucestershire juggle the challenge of treating COVID-19 patients with rolling out the vaccine and tackling ever-growing waiting lists, it’s essential that regional leaders are equipped to make optimal decisions on resource allocation. Thanks to the insightful, real-time data provided by Cinapsis and accessible via SHREWD, the pandemic recovery journey will be expedited for Primary and Secondary Care providers.  

We are in the early stages of this exciting new collaboration, and over the coming months we will be incorporating even more data and making refinements to the platform in line with the needs of all stakeholders. This Cinapsis partnership is a really important milestone for Gloucestershire ICS and a further step towards delivering exceptional patient care in the region.