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We are on a mission to empower NHS teams to transform the way they capture and analyse information, ultimately making better, driven decisions.

Why we exist

We develop meaningful products and services to meet the needs of our clients, in a way that is easy to interpret and understand for any level of user. Our product portfolio facilitates secure, real-time data collection, analysis and forecasting, at a price that is accessible to all health and social care commissioners. 

Our values


We develop industry solutions in an open and transparent way that is consistent and therefore more useful for users. We hope to inspire trust, and we work in a way that reflects our moral and social values.


We believe in the power of implementing digital change by empowering others. We pride ourselves on our ability to pioneer new and innovative technologies to solve the ever changing challenges faced in health.


We strive to build expert solutions to meet our clients’ needs and, fundamentally, to improve patient flow and therefore clinical outcomes. In doing so we ‘buy time’ for staff to focus on making a difference.

Our Story

We were founded during the H1N1 influenza pandemic of 2009 to help the NHS solve the lack of access to real time information across its multitude of services. Our first six years were spent in research and development, building a clear vision of what great data sets look like across NHS teams, and establishing our product portfolio: SHREWD.

SHREWD aims to solve the challenge of capturing and transforming high quality data on fluctuating scales, from varying sources. Once captured, we empower NHS teams to determine actionable insights from a wide range of healthcare data.

Since 2015, we’ve worked with partners across the country to deliver award-winning solutions via SHREWD. We see ourselves as partners with the systems in which we work. Listening to our clients’ problems and understanding their organisation’s needs leads to the creation of expert solutions and innovative products, designed to empower their teams.

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Colin Rees

Co-Founder & Chairman

Colin started his career in the Parachute Regiment, serving in the Falklands war. He has been a Director in a large voluntary organisation and an Assistant Director of Children’s Services in a Local Authority. He has worked at both the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and Prime Ministers Delivery Unit and led the Youth Ambassador to America programme for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Colin founded Transforming Systems ten years ago, during the H1N1 influenza pandemic, in partnership with the NHS and Academia. The aim was to address, what he observed as, the lack of real time, whole system data with no single version of the truth.

Colin has also established a social enterprise, Transforming Social Systems, to support the development of technical solutions to social problems, which are then made available without the need for a commercial return. He has started work with the MOD on veterans' mental health support and a Cancer App for the empowerment of patients with a cancer diagnosis.

"Having worked on the H1N1 Pandemic 10 years ago, no one had a whole system, real time single version of the truth. Today, Transforming Systems can provide this, for one department or a whole country. Having great data in real time is the foundation of any system, but it's what you do with it that matters. We have built with our NHS partners an actionable insights response system, which saves time, money and lives."

Phil Clipsham

Co-Founder & CTO

Phil has over 40 years' working in the IT industry. He graduated with a BSc in Computing Science before spending 28 years lecturing in Computing Science, as well as dedicating 15 years to research in IT development. He currently leads as Transforming System's CTO.

Tony Corkett


Tony has a clinical background in radiology but has spent the last 20 years working with the NHS on introducing new technology that drives improvement. In the early days, this was the national PACS programme, through EPRs, and more recently AI with Google DeepMind. He has built several successful IT technology companies and leads Transfoming Systems as it enters it second decade of growth.

"The ability to work with the team that transforms raw data into easy to see, understand and use information, in real time, is amazing."

Lisa Riley

Director of Strategy and Partnerships

Lisa will always describe herself as first and foremost a nurse of nearly 20 years. Having started her career in the acute setting, Lisa then focused on community services where she spent considerable time working as a Senior Operations Manager for multiple health and social care services, with recognition for her work on Discharge 2 Assess/Home First. She later joined NHSI within the Emergency Care Intensive Support Team (ECIST).

Lisa has worked closely with front line teams, senior managers and executive boards to drive the reduction in variation of care delivery in order to increase system resilience. She has also been a Talent Match mentor with the Princes trust, and is currently a council board trustee for voluntary services in the South East.

"We display complex data in such a simple way that makes it easier for operational staff to understand very quickly whats happening around them; buying them more windows of opportunity to make a difference to patient care, and saving them, and their patients, precious time."

Thariea Whisker

Head of Delivery & Support

Thariea has 17 years' experience of working in the NHS. Her knowledge and experience is varied, from operational acute bed management, and acute and community clinical system digital transformation, to urgent & emergency care and elective care commissioning and service redesign. Her main areas of expertise include product deployment, programme and project management, and supporting Transforming Systems' customers to adopt solutions to resolve business and technology challenges.

"Using live operational information to improve services, and supporting customers to maximise benefits using our digital technologies really drives me."

Cathy Nyaga-Giefing

Head of Product Management Office

Cathy is a Computer Science and Information Systems Management professional, as well as a certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Management Professional (PMP). She has extensive experience as a Business Analyst, Project and Programme Manager and Product Officer. Innovation has always been of interest. Taking an idea and exploring opportunities while collaborating with customers ultimately helps to build and deliver digital solutions that make a difference and add value.

"Building products that transform data into intelligence, and providing actionable insights that offer visibility across whole systems to support customers in their day to day operations is of great importance."

Pete Breathwick

General Manager

After a career in social work within the public and voluntary sector, as well as project and account management with a Software Company, providing services to Government, Pete joined Transforming Systems in 2012, to assist with establishing the company. Pete later became the Transforming Systems Chief Operating Officer, aiding the growth of the company, until his semi-retirement in 2018. Pete continues in the part-time role of General Manager for the organisation, utilising his understanding of the Transforming Systems journey.

"A positive contribution to improving public services and making a difference to peoples lives in the health system."

Rob Field

Senior Partnership Manager

Rob began his career in Emergency Planning, and spent ten years working in a variety of public and regulated businesses, including the NHS. Following this he moved into corporate governance, overseeing a range of regulatory departments, including risk management, information governance and health, safety & security. He co-ordinated the successful application for a foundation trust licence by Kent Community NHS Trust. Having previously worked with Colin Rees during the Swine Flu outbreak in 2010, working on the original SHREWD concept, Rob joined Transforming Systems in 2016. He supports the delivery and optimisation of the SHREWD portfolio.

"It's a privilege to work with such a diverse range of colleagues and clients who share a passion for the power of data and its potential to cut waste and save time. The SHREWD family of products make assimilating and sharing data so easy, and allows users to use their time acting on data, not gathering it."

Stuart Cannonier

Senior Partnership Manager

Stuart has worked in and alongside the NHS for 33 years. Originally trained as a nurse, working in acute medicine, Stuart progressed into NHS ops management. Within this role, Stuart covered a variety of clinical specalities, including Patient Flow and managing the Emergency Department. He also has considerable experience selling Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices to the NHS.

"Supporting the NHS to realise the potential of their data to support better patient care and outcomes."

Kieran Slaney

Partnership Manager

Kieran began his career working in the Staffing industry, working for a FTSI listed Staffing company. It was here he specialisted in the Senior Operational and Transformation in Healthcare market, focusing primariliy on the East Midlands, Yorkshire and the North East. Kieran then went on to work for two further FTSI listed companies, supporting the creation of non-clinical healthcare markets. Kieran joined Transforming Systems to support the business with its growth in the Midlands and North of the Country.

"Socialising data across entire health and social care systems and enabling systems to become more pro-active than re-active, turning NHS workers into fire-prevention officers rather than fire fighters is very powerful."

Nick Hill

Partnership Manager

Nick joined Transforming Systems with 10 years of senior NHS staffing experience. He is an experienced consultancy delivery lead and team leader, and is expert in client liaison.

Liam Wiffen

Partnership Manager

Liam started his career in substance misuse, working for a provider in administration roles, before moving into data and performance roles. This led to a move to local authorities in procurement roles, focusing on substance misuse and sexual health, before progressing into the NHS as a project manager. This saw Liam become a local "super user" for SHREWD, where his role encompassed urgent and local care, before he joined the Transforming Systems team in early 2020.

"I really enjoy being able to blend my past experience of data and health to work with colleagues across sectors to not only save them time and money, but to improve the end patient experience."